Welcome to the world of Ivory, Lily, and Cilla! The Fairy Tale Chronicles is a three-book (currently) fantasy trilogy with a dash of romance. Each of the books is based off of one or two fairy tales, but with a twist.

Ivory: (The Lost Princess) Princess Ivory Villn is the daughter of a Queen gone wrong. When her older brother and some friends decide to rebel, will she be able to stand against her mother and defeat her once and for all?

Lily: (The Ambassador Princess) Princess Lily White has only ever wanted to become an ambassador, and to make a name for herself. But when she gets sent to the Draton Kingdom and meets Prince Nathaniel Draton, will she change her mind?

Cilla: (A Princess at Heart) Cilla Starling is no princess- and she knows it. A servant from birth, she had the misfortune¬†to begin falling- against her better judgment- for a prince. She swears she’ll never marry, but then she gets invited to the royal ball. Will her prince be able to change her mind?